Biblical Names for Boys

Many people us the Bible to find a name for their baby. underneath a list of Biblical names for boys. Behind the name you will find the meaning of the name and where in the Bible you can find the names.

Biblical Names starting with A

Aaron (Hebrew) – Ex. 4:14a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength.

Abel (Hebrew) – Gen. 4:2vanity; breath; vapor.

Abiathar (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 22:20excellent father; father of the remnant.

Abihu (Hebrew) – Ex. 6:22he is my father.

Abijah (Hebrew) – 1 Chron. 7:8the Lord is my father.

Abner (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 14:50father of light.

Abraham (Hebrew) – Gen.17:5 – father of a great multitude.

Abram (Hebrew) – Gen. 11:27high father; exalted father.

Absolom (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 15:2father of peace.

Adam (Hebrew) – Gen. 3:17earthy; red.

Adonijah (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 3:4the Lord is my master.

Alexander (Greek) – Mark 15:21one who assists men; defender of men.

Amaziah (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 12:21the strength of the Lord.

Amos (Hebrew) – Amos 1:1loading; weighty.

Ananias (Greek, from Hebrew)Acts 5:1the cloud of the Lord.

Andrew (Greek) – Matt. 4:18a strong man.

Apollos (Greek) – Acts 18:24one who destroys; destroyer.

Aquila (Latin) – Acts 18:2an eagle.

Asa (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 15:9physician; cure.

Asaph (Hebrew) – 1 Chron. 6:39who gathers together.

Asher (Hebrew) – Gen. 30:13happiness.

Azariah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 4:2he that hears the Lord.

Biblical Names starting with B

Barak (Hebrew) – Judges 4:6thunder, or in vain.

Barnabas (Greek, Aramaic) – Acts 4:36son of the prophet, or of consolation.

Bartholomew (Aramaic) – Matt. 10:3a son that suspends the waters.

Baruch (Hebrew) – Neh. 3:20who is blessed.

Benaiah (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 8:18son of the Lord.

Benjamin (Hebrew) – Gen. 35:18son of the right hand.

Bildad (Hebrew) – Job 2:11old friendship.

Boaz (Hebrew) – Ruth 2:1in strength.

Biblical Names starting with C

Cain (Hebrew) – Gen. 4:1possession, or possessed.

Caleb (Hebrew) – Num. 13:6a dog; a crow; a basket.

Christian (Greek) – Acts 11:26follower of Christ.

Claudius (Latin) – Acts 11:28lame.

Cornelius (Latin) – Acts 10:1of a horn.

Biblical Names starting with D

Dan (Hebrew) – Gen. 14:14judgment; he that judges.

Daniel (Hebrew) – 1 Chron. 3:1judgment of God; God my judge.

David (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 16:13well-beloved, dear.

Demetrius (Greek) – Acts 19:24belonging to corn, or to Ceres.

Biblical Names starting with E

Ebenezer (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 4:1stone or rock of help.

Elah (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 17:2an oak; a curse; perjury.

Eleazar (Hebrew) – Exodus 6:25the Lord will help; court of God.

Eli (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 1:3the offering or lifting up.

Elihu (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 1:1he is my God himself.

Elijah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 17:1God the Lord, the strong Lord.

Eliphaz (Hebrew) – Gen. 36:4the endeavor of God.

Elisha (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 19:16salvation of God.

Elkanah (Hebrew) – Exodus 6:24God the zealous; the zeal of God.

Elnathan (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 24:8God hath given; the gift of God.

Emmanuel (Latin, Hebrew) – Isaiah 7:14God with us.

Enoch (Hebrew) – Gen. 4:17dedicated; disciplined.

Ephraim (Hebrew) – Gen. 41:52fruitful; increasing.

Esau (Hebrew) – Gen. 25:25he that acts or finishes.

Ethan (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 4:31strong; the gift of the island.

Ezekiel (Hebrew) – Ezekiel 1:3the strength of God.

Ezra (Hebrew) – Ezra 7:1help; court.

Biblical Names starting with F

Biblical Names starting with G

Gabriel (Hebrew) – Dan. 9:21God is my strength.

Gera (Hebrew) – Gen. 46:21pilgrimage, combat; dispute.

Gershon (Hebrew) – Gen. 46:11his banishment; the change of pilgrimage.

Gideon (Hebrew) – Judges 6:11he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer.

Biblical Names starting with H

Habakkuk (Hebrew) – Hab. 1:1he that embraces; a wrestler.

Haggai (Hebrew) – Ezra 5:1feast; solemnity.

Hosea (Hebrew) – Hosea 1:1savior; safety.

Hur (Hebrew) – Exodus 17:10liberty; whiteness; hole.

Hushai (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 15:37their haste; their sensuality; their silence.

Biblical Names starting with I

Immanuel (Hebrew) – Isaiah 7:14God with us.

Ira (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 20:26watchman; making bare; pouring out.

Isaac (Hebrew) – Gen. 17:19laughter.

Isaiah (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 19:2the salvation of the Lord.

Ishmael (Hebrew) – Gen. 16:11God that hears.

Issachar (Hebrew) – Gen. 30:18reward; recompense.

Ithamar (Hebrew) – Exodus 6:23island of the palm-tree.

Biblical Names starting with J

Jabez (Hebrew) – 1 Chron. 2:55sorrow; trouble.

Jacob (Hebrew) – Gen. 25:26cheater; that supplants, undermines; the heel.

Jair (Hebrew) – Num. 32:41my light; who diffuses light.

Jairus (Hebrew) – Mark 5:22my light; who diffuses light.

James (Hebrew) – Matt. 4:21same as Jacob.

Japheth (Hebrew) – Gen. 5:32enlarged; fair; persuading.

Jason (Hebrew) – Acts 17:5he that cures.

Javan (Hebrew) – Gen. 10:2deceiver; one who makes sad.

Jeremiah (Hebrew) – 2 Chron. 36:12exaltation of the Lord.

Jeremy (Hebrew) – 2 Chron. 36:12exaltation of the Lord.

Jesse (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 16:1gift; oblation; one who is.

Jethro (Hebrew) – Exodus 3:1his excellence; his posterity.

Joab (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 26:6paternity; voluntary.

Joash (Hebrew) – Judges 6:11who despairs or burns.

Job (Hebrew) – Job 1:1he that weeps or cries.

Joel (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 8:2he that wills or commands.

John (Hebrew) – Matt. 3:1the grace or mercy of the Lord.

Jonah (Hebrew) – Jonah 1:1a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer.

Jonathan (Hebrew)Judges 18:30given of God.

Jordan (Hebrew) – Gen. 13:10the river of judgment.

Joseph (Hebrew) – Gen. 30:24increase; addition.

Joses (Hebrew) – Matt. 27:56raised; who pardons.

Joshua (Hebrew) – Exodus 17:9a savior; a deliverer.

Josiah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 13:2the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord.

Josias (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 13:2the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord.

Jotham (Hebrew) – Judges 9:5the perfection of the Lord.

Judas (Latin) – Matt. 10:4the praise of the Lord; confession.

Jude (Latin) – Jude 1:1the praise of the Lord; confession.

Justus (Latin) – Acts 1:23just or upright.

Biblical Names starting with K

Biblical Names starting with L

Laban (Hebrew) – Gen. 24:29white; shining; gentle; brittle.

Lazarus (Hebrew) – Luke 16:20assistance of God.

Lemuel (Hebrew) – Prov. 31:1God with them, or him.

Levi (Hebrew) – Gen. 29:34associated with him.

Lot (Hebrew) – Gen. 11:27wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin.

Lucas (Greek) – Col. 4:14luminous; white.

Luke (Greek) – Col. 4:14luminous; white.

Biblical Names starting with M

Malachi (Hebrew)- Mal. 1:1my messenger; my angel.

Manasseh (Hebrew) – Gen. 41:51forgetfulness; he that is forgotten.

Marcus (Latin) – Acts 12:12polite; shining.

Mark (Latin) – Acts 12:12polite; shining.

Matthew (Hebrew) – Matt. 9:9given; a reward.

Matthias (Hebrew) – Acts 1:23the gift of the Lord.

Melchizedek (Hebrew, German) – Gen. 14:18king of justice.

Micah (Hebrew) – Judges 17:1poor; humble.

Micaiah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 22:8who is like to God?

Michael (Hebrew) – Num. 13:13poor; humble.

Mishael (Hebrew) – Exodus 6:22who is asked for or lent.

Mordecai (Hebrew) – Esther 2:5contrition; bitter; bruising.

Moses (Hebrew) – Exodus 2:10taken out; drawn forth.

Biblical Names starting with N

Nadab (Hebrew) – – Exodus 6:23free and voluntary gift; prince.

Nahum (Hebrew) – Nahum 1:1comforter; penitent.

Naphtali (Hebrew) – Gen. 30:8that struggles or fights.

Nathan (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 5:14given; giving; rewarded.

Nathanael (Hebrew) – John 1:45the gift of God.

Nehemiah (Hebrew) – Neh. 1:1consolation; repentance of the Lord.

Nekoda (Hebrew) – Ezra 2:48painted; inconstant.

Nicodemus (Greek) – John 3:1victory of the people.

Noah (Hebrew) – Gen. 5:29repose; consolation.

Biblical Names starting with O

Obadiah (Hebrew)- 1 Kings 18:3servant of the Lord.

Omar (Arabic, Hebrew) – Gen. 36:11he that speaks; bitter.

Onesimus (Latin) – Col. 4:9profitable; useful.

Othniel (Hebrew) – Joshua 15:17lion of God; the hour of God.

Biblical Names starting with P

Paul (Latin) – Acts 13:9small; little.

Peter (Greek) – Matt. 4:18a rock or stone.

Philemon (Greek) – Phil. 1:2loving; who kisses.

Philip (Greek) – Matt. 10:3warlike; a lover of horses.

Phineas (Hebrew) – Exodus 6:25bold aspect; face of trust or protection.

Phinehas (Hebrew) – Exodus 6:25bold aspect; face of trust or protection.

Biblical Names starting with Q

Biblical Names starting with R

Reuben (Hebrew) – Gen. 29:32who sees the son; the vision of the son.

Rufus (Latin) – Mark 15:21red.

Biblical Names starting with S

Samson (Hebrew) – Judges 13:24his sun; his service; there the second time.

Samuel (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 1:20heard of God; asked of God.

Saul (Hebrew) – 1 Sam. 9:2demanded; lent; ditch; death.

Seth (Hebrew) – Gen. 4:25put; who puts; fixed.

Shadrach (Babylonian) – Dan. 1:7tender, nipple.

Shem (Hebrew) – Gen. 5:32name; renown.

Silas (Latin) – Acts 15:22three, or the third.

Simeon (Hebrew) – Gen. 29:33that hears or obeys; that is heard.

Simon (Hebrew) – Matt. 4:18that hears; that obeys.

Solomon (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 5:14peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses.

Stephen (Greek) – Acts 6:5crown; crowned.

Biblical Names starting with T

Thaddaeus (Aramaic) – Matt. 10:3that praises or confesses.

Theophilus (Greek) – Luke 1:3friend of God.

Thomas (Aramaic) – Matt. 10:3a twin.

Timothy (Greek) – Acts 16:1honor of God; valued of God.

Titus (Latin) – 2 Cor. 2:13pleasing.

Tobiah (Hebrew) – Ezra 2:60the Lord is good.

Tobias (Hebrew) – Ezra 2:60the Lord is good.

Biblical Names starting with U

Uriah (Hebrew) – 2 Sam. 11:3the Lord is my light or fire.

Uzziah (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 15:13the strength, or kid, of the Lord.

Biblical Names starting with V

Victor (Latin) – 2 Timothy 2:5victory; victor.

Biblical Names starting with W

Biblical Names starting with X

Biblical Names starting with Y

Biblical Names starting with Z

Zacchaeus (Hebrew) – Luke 19:2pure; clean; just.

Zachariah (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 14:29 – memory of the Lord

Zebadiah (Hebrew) – 1 Chron. 8:15portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion.

Zebedee (Greek) – Matt. 4:21abundant; portion.

Zebulun (Hebrew) – Gen. 30:20dwelling; habitation.

Zechariah (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 14:29memory of the Lord.

Zedekiah (Hebrew) – 1 Kings 22:11the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord.

Zephaniah (Hebrew) – 2 Kings 25:18the Lord is my secret.

Zerubbabel (Hebrew) – 1 Chron. 3:19a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion.