vanity; breath; vapor

a city; mourning

the name of several places in Palestine, probably signifies a meadow . (i.e., breath, vapor, transitoriness, probably so called from the shortness of his life), the second son of Adam, murdered by his brother Cain, (Genesis 4:1-16) he was a keeper or feeder of sheep. Our Lord spoke of Abel as the first martyr, (Matthew […]

(the great abel), the place where the ark rested in the field of Joshua at Beth-shemesh. (1 Samuel 6:18)

-1. Son of Adam. History of Ge 4:1-15,25 .References to the death of Mt 23:35; Lu 11:51; Heb 11:4; 12:24; 1Jo 3:12 -2. A stone 1Sa 6:18

(Heb. Hebhel), a breath, or vanity, the second son of Adam and Eve. He was put to death by his brother Cain (Gen. 4:1-16). Guided by the instruction of their father, the two brothers were trained in the duty of worshipping God. “And in process of time” (marg. “at the end of days”, i.e., on […]