green fruit; ears of corn

(green fruits). [[20]Month]

-Also called NISAN -First month in the Jewish calendar Ex 12:2 -Passover instituted, and Israelites depart from Egypt in Ex 23:15; De 16:1 -Tabernacle set up in Ex 40:2,17 -Israelites arrive at the wilderness of Zin in Nu 20:1 -Enter Canaan in Jos 4:19 -Jordan’s overflow in 1Ch 12:15

An ear of corn, the month of newly-ripened grain (Ex. 13:4; 23:15); the first of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, and the seventh of the civil year. It began about the time of the vernal equinox, on 21st March. It was called Nisan, after the Captivity (Neh. 2:1). On the fifteenth day of the month, harvest […]