father of a great multitude

(father of a multitude) was the son of Terah, and founder of the great Hebrew nation. (B.C. 1996-1822.) His family, a branch of the descendants of Shem, was settled in Ur of the Chaldees, beyond the Euphrates, where Abraham was born. Terah had two other sons, Nahor and Haran. Haran died before his father in […]

-Also called ABRAM -Son of Terah Ge 11:26,27 -Marries Sarah Ge 11:29 -Lives in Ur, but removes to Haran Ge 11:31; Ne 9:7; Ac 7:4 -And Canaan Ge 12:4,5,6; Ac 7:4 -Divine call of Ge 12:1-3; Jos 24:3; Ne 9:7; Isa 51:2; Ac 7:2,3; Heb 11:8 -Canaan given to Ge 12:1,7; 15:7-21; Eze 33:24 -Lives […]

Father of a multitude, son of Terah, named (Gen. 11:27) before his older brothers Nahor and Haran, because he was the heir of the promises. Till the age of seventy, Abram sojourned among his kindred in his native country of Chaldea. He then, with his father and his family and household, quitted the city of […]