the Lord is my master

(my Lord is Jehovah). + The fourth son of David by Haggith, born at Hebron while his father was king of Judah. (2 Samuel 3:4) (B.C. about 1050.) After the death of his three brothers, Amnon, Chileab and Absalom, he became eldest son; and when his father’s strength was visibly declining, put forward his pretensions […]

-1. Son of David and Haggith 2Sa 3:4; 1Ki 1:5,6; 1Ch 3:2 .Usurpation of, and downfall 1Ki 1 .Executed by Solomon 1Ki 2:13-25 -2. A Levite 2Ch 17:8 -3. ADONIJAH .See [43]ADONIKAM

My Lord is Jehovah. (1.) The fourth son of David (2 Sam. 3:4). After the death of his elder brothers, Amnon and Absalom, he became heir-apparent to the throne. But Solomon, a younger brother, was preferred to him. Adonijah, however, when his father was dying, caused himself to be proclaimed king. But Nathan and Bathsheba […]