their testimony; their prey; their ornament

(justice of the people), Apocr. [73]Odollam, a city of Judah int he lowland of the Shefelah, (Joshua 15:35) the seat of a Canaanite king, (Joshua 12:15) and evidently a place of great antiquity. (Genesis 38:1,12,20) Fortified by Rehoboam, (2 Chronicles 11:7) it was one of the towns reoccupied by the Jews after their return from […]

-1. A cave near the Dead Sea .David takes refuge in 1Sa 22:1; 2Sa 23:13; 1Ch 11:15 .See titles of Ps 57; 142 -2. An ancient city of Canaan Ge 38:1; Jos 12:15; 15:35; 2Ch 11:7; Ne 11:30; Mic 1:15

One of the royal cities of the Canaanites, now `Aid-el-ma (Josh. 12:15; 15:35). It stood on the old Roman road in the valley of Elah (q.v.), which was the scene of David’s memorable victory over Goliath (1 Sam. 17:2), and not far from Gath. It was one of the towns which Rehoboam fortified against Egypt […]