prince; head; chief

(lion-king), the name of one Median and two Persian kings mentioned in the Old Testament. + In (Daniel 9:1) Ahasuerus is said to be the father of Darius the Mede. [[89]Darius] This first Ahasuerus is Cyaxares, the conqueror of Nineveh. (Began to reign B.C. 634.) + The Ahasuerus king of Persia, referred to in (Ezra […]

-1. King of Persia, history of .See BOOK OF ESTHER Es 1 -2. AHASUERUS .See [137]ARTAXERXES -3. Father of Darius Da 9:1

There are three kings designated by this name in Scripture. (1.) The father of Darius the Mede, mentioned in Dan. 9:1. This was probably the Cyaxares I. known by this name in profane history, the king of Media and the conqueror of Nineveh. (2.) The king mentioned in Ezra 4:6, probably the Cambyses of profane […]