brother of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or of praise; witty brother

(brother of renown). + The son of Shelomi and prince of the tribe of Asher. (Numbers 34:27) + Chieftain of the tribe of Benjamin. (1 Chronicles 8:7)

-1. A prince of Asher, assists in allotting the land of Canaan among the tribes Nu 34:27 -2. A son of Bela 1Ch 8:7

Brother (i.e., “friend”) of union. (1.) A son of Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:7). (2.) Name different in Hebrew, meaning brother of Judah. Chief of the tribe of Asher; one of those appointed by Moses to superintend the division of Canaan among the tribe (Num. 34:27).