my brother is a king; my king’s brother

(brother of the king). + Son of Ahitub, (1 Samuel 22:11,12) and high priest of Nob in the days of Saul. He gave David the shew bread to eat, and the sword of Goliath; and for so doing was put to death, with his whole house, by Saul’s order. Abiathar alone escaped. [[96]Abiathar] (B.C. 1085-1060.) […]

-1. Also called AHIA. A high priest, during the reign of David .Gives shewbread and the sword of Goliath to David 1Sa 21; Mr 2:26 .Killed by the command of Saul 1Sa 22:9-22 -2. A Hittite, and friend of David 1Sa 26:6

Brother of the king, the son of Ahitub and father of Abiathar (1 Sam. 22:20-23). He descended from Eli in the line of Ithamar. In 1 Chr. 18:16 he is called Abimelech, and is probably the same as Ahiah (1 Sam. 14:3, 18). He was the twelfth high priest, and officiated at Nob, where he […]