brother of ruin or folly

(brother of foolishness), a native of Giloh, was a privy councillor of David, whose wisdom was highly esteemed, though his name had an exactly opposite signification. (2 Samuel 16:23) (B.C. 1055-1023.) He was the grandfather of Bathsheba. Comp. (2 Samuel 11:3) with 2Sam 23:34 Ahithophel joined the conspiracy of Absalom against David, and persuaded him […]

-One of David’s counsellors 2Sa 15:12; 1Ch 27:33 -Joins Absalom 2Sa 15:31,34; 16:15,20-23; 17:1-23 -Probably referred to by David in Ps 55:12-14 -Suicide of 2Sa 17:1-14,23

Brother of insipidity or impiety, a man greatly renowned for his sagacity among the Jews. At the time of Absalom’s revolt he deserted David (Ps. 41:9; 55:12-14) and espoused the cause of Absalom (2 Sam. 15:12). David sent his old friend Hushai back to Absalom, in order that he might counteract the counsel of Ahithophel […]