the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord

(the Lord says, i.e. promises). + Father of Ahitub according to (1 Chronicles 6:7,52) and son of Meraioth, in the line of the high priests. + The high priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat. (2 Chronicles 19:11) He was the son of Azariah. + The head of a Levitical house of the Kohathites. (1 Chronicles […]

-1. Two Levites 1Ch 6:7,52; 23:19; 24:23 -2. Chief priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat 2Ch 19:11 -3. A high priest, father of Ahitub 1Ch 6:11; Ezr 7:3 -4. A Levite, who assisted in distributing temple gifts 2Ch 31:15-19 -5. Son of Hizkiah Zep 1:1 -6. Father of Zechariah Ne 11:4 -7. A priest, returned […]

Said by Jehovah. (1.) One of the descendants of Aaron by Eleazar (1 Chr. 6:7, 52). He was probably the last of the high priests of Eleazar’s line prior to the transfer of that office to Eli, of the line of Ithamar. (2.) A Levite, son of Hebron, of the lineage of Moses (1 Chr. […]