a lion dead to the Lord

(heights). (Matthew 27:57; Luke 23:51; John 19:38) St. Luke calls it “a city of Judea.” It is identified by many with the modern Ramleh .

-Also called RAMAH -A town five miles north of Jerusalem Mt 27:57; Mr 15:43; Lu 23:51; Joh 19:38

A “city of the Jews” (Luke 23:51), the birth-place of Joseph in whose sepulchre our Lord was laid (Matt. 27:57, 60; John 19:38). It is probably the same place as Ramathaim in Ephraim, and the birth-place of Samuel (1 Sam. 1:1, 19). Others identify it with Ramleh in Dan, or Rama (q.v.) in Benjamin (Matt. […]