he that hears the Lord

(whom the Lord helps) a common name in Hebrew, and especially in the families of the priests of the line of Eleazar, whose name has precisely the same meaning as Azariah. It is nearly identical, and is often confounded, with Ezra as well as with Zerahiah and Seraiah. The principal persons who bore this name […]

-1. Son of Ethan 1Ch 2:8 -2. Son of Jehu 1Ch 2:38,39 -3. Son of Zadok 1Ki 4:2 -4. Captain of Solomon’s guards 1Ki 4:5 -5. A prophet, called OBED 2Ch 15:1,8 -6. A high priest 1Ch 6:9 .Also called AMARIAH 2Ch 19:11 -7. Son of Jehoshaphat 2Ch 21:2 -8. King of Judah, called AHAZIAH […]

Whom Jehovah helps. (1.) Son of Ethan, of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 2:8). (2.) Son of Ahimaaz, who succeeded his grandfather Zadok as high priest (1 Chr. 6:9; 1 Kings 4:2) in the days of Solomon. He officiated at the consecration of the temple (1 Chr. 6:10). (3.) The son of Johanan, high […]