[[348]Fenced Cities CITIES]

-A tower Ge 25:16; Nu 31:10; 1Ch 11:5,7; 2Ch 17:12; 27:4; Ac 21:34,37; 23:10,16,32 -Bars of Pr 18:19 -For the doctrine, “The house is my castle,” see De 24:10,11 -See [791]FORT -See [792]TOWER

A military fortress (1 Chr. 11:7), also probably a kind of tower used by the priests for making known anything discovered at a distance (1 Chr. 6:54). Castles are also mentioned (Gen. 25:16) as a kind of watch-tower, from which shepherds kept watch over their flocks by night. The “castle” into which the chief captain […]