– General scriptures concerning Ex 23:1,7; Le 19:16; Ps 41:5-9; Mt 5:11; Lu 3:14; 2Ti 3:3; 1Pe 4:14 -See [23]CONSPIRACY -See [24]EVIDENCE -See [25]FALSE WITNESS -See [26]PERSECUTION -See [27]SPEAKING, EVIL -See [28]TALEBEARER -INCIDENTS ILLUSTRATIVE OF .Against Joseph by Potiphar’s wife Ge 39:7-20 .Against Joseph’s brethren by Joseph Ge 42:9-14 .Against Moses by Korah Nu 16:3,13 […]

Our Lord warned his disciples that they would arise (Matt. 24:24). It is said that no fewer than twenty-four persons have at different times appeared (the last in 1682) pretending to be the Messiah of the prophets.