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(the fortified; the strong) (properly Azzah), one of the five chief cities of the Philistines. It is remarkable for its continuous existence and importance from the very earliest times. The secret of this unbroken history is to be found in the situation of Gaza. It is the last town in the southwest of Palestine, on […]

-1. Also called AZZAH .A city of the Philistines Jos 13:3; Jer 25:20 .One of the border cities of the Canaanites Ge 10:19 .A city of the Avim and Anakim De 2:23; Jos 11:22 .Allotted to Judah Jos 15:47; Jud 1:18 .A temple of Dagon, situated at Jud 16:23 .Samson dies at Jud 16:21-31 .On […]

Called also Azzah, which is its Hebrew name (Deut. 2:23; 1 Kings 4:24; Jer. 25:20), strong, a city on the Mediterranean shore, remarkable for its early importance as the chief centre of a great commercial traffic with Egypt. It is one of the oldest cities of the world (Gen. 10:19; Josh. 15:47). Its earliest inhabitants […]