bound; limit

(mountain), a maritime town of Phoenicia, near Tyre, (Ezekiel 27:9) known by the Greeks as Byblus. It is called Jebail by the Arabs, thus reviving the old biblical name.

-1. A city south of Sidon .Given to Reuben Jos 13:5 .People of, work for Solomon 1Ki 5:18 .Shipbuilders in Eze 27:9 -2. A district near the Dead Sea Ps 83:7

A line (or natural boundary, as a mountain range). (1.) A tract in the land of Edom south of the Dead Sea (Ps. 83:7); now called Djebal. (2.) A Phoenician city, not far from the sea coast, to the north of Beyrout (Ezek. 27:9); called by the Greeks Byblos. Now Jibeil. Mentioned in the Amarna […]