God is my greatness

(God is my greatness), son of Ahikam (Jeremiah’s protector, (Jeremiah 26:24) and grandson of Shaphan the secretary of King Josiah. After the destruction of the temple, B.C. 588, Nebuchadnezzar departed from Judea, leaving Gedaliah with a Chaldean guard, (Jeremiah 40:5) at Mizpah to govern the vinedressers and husbandmen, (Jeremiah 52:16) who were exempted from captivity. […]

-1. Governor appointed by Nebucbadnezzar after carrying the Jews into captivity 2Ki 25:22-24 .Jeremiah committed to the care of Jer 39:14; 40:5,6 .Warned of the conspiracy of Ishmael by Johanan, and the captains of his army Jer 40:13-16 .Killed by Ishmael 2Ki 25:25,26; Jer 41:1-10 -2. A musician 1Ch 25:3,9 -3. A priest, who divorced […]

Made great by Jehovah. (1.) the son of Jeduthum (1 Chr. 25:3, 9). (2.) The grandfather of the prophet Zephaniah, and the father of Cushi (Zeph. 1:1). (3.) One of the Jewish nobles who conspired against Jeremiah (Jer. 38:1). (4.) The son of Ahikam, and grandson of Shaphan, secretary of king Josiah (Jer. 26:24). After […]