Geshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley

(a bridge), a little principality of Syria, northeast of Bashan. (3:14; 2 Samuel 15:8) It ia highly probable that Geshur was a section of the wild and rugged region now called el-Lejah, still a refuge for criminals and outlaws. [[551]Argob]

-District east of the sources of the Jordan River. The inhabitants of, not subdued by the Israelites De 3:14; Jos 13:2-13; 1Ch 2:23 -Inhabitants of one of the villages of, exterminated, and the spoils taken by David 1Sa 27:8 -David marries a princess of 2Sa 3:3; 1Ch 3:2 -Absalom takes refuge in, after the murder […]

Bridge, the name of a district or principality of Syria near Gilead, between Mount Hermon and the Lake of Tiberias (2 Sam. 15:8; 1 Chr. 2:23). The Geshurites probably inhabited the rocky fastness of Argob, the modern Lejah, in the north-east corner of Bashan. In the time of David it was ruled by Talmai, whose […]