passage; revolution; heap

(splendor), a famous giant of Gath, who “morning and evening for forty days” defied the armies of Israel. (1 Samuel 17:1) … (B.C. 1063.) He was possibly descended from the old Rephaim [[569]Giants], of whom a scattered remnant took refuge with the Philistines after their dispersion by the Ammonites. (2:20,21; 2 Samuel 21:22) His height […]

-(A giant champion of Gath) -Defied armies of Israel and is killed by David 1Sa 17; 21:9; 22:10 -His sons 2Sa 21:15-22; 1Ch 20:4-8

Great. (1.) A famous giant of Gath, who for forty days openly defied the armies of Israel, but was at length slain by David with a stone from a sling (1 Sam. 17:4). He was probably descended from the Rephaim who found refuge among the Philistines after they were dispersed by the Ammonites (Deut. 2:20, […]