approaching; drawing near

+ The name of a part of Egypt where the Israelites dwelt during the whole period of their sojourn in that country. It was probably situated on the eastern border of the Nile, extending from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. It contained the treasure-cities of Rameses and Pittim. It was a pasture land, especially […]

-1. A district in Egypt especially suitable for herds and flocks .Israelites dwelt in Ge 45:10; 46:28; 47 .Exempted from plagues Ex 8:22; 9:26 -2. A town and district of the tribe of Judah Jos 10:41; 11:16; 15:51

(1.) A district in Egypt where Jacob and his family settled, and in which they remained till the Exodus (Gen. 45:10; 46:28, 29, 31, etc.). It is called “the land of Goshen” (47:27), and also simply “Goshen” (46:28), and “the land of Rameses” (47:11; Ex. 12:37), for the towns Pithom and Rameses lay within its […]