(1 Samuel 6:7-12; Job 21:10; Isaiah 7:21) The heifer or young cow was not commonly used for ploughing, but only for treading out the corn. (Hosea 10:11) but see Judg 14:18 When it ran about without any headstall, (26:4) hence the expression an “unbroken heifer,” (Hosea 4:16) Authorized Version “backsliding” to which Israel is compared.

-When used as sacrifice, must be without blemish and must not have come under the yoke Nu 19:2; De 21:3 -An atonement for murder De 21:1-9 -The red heifer used for the water of separation Nu 19; Heb 9:13 -Used for pulling Jud 14:18 -Used for treading out wheat Ho 10:11 -Tractable Ho 10:11 -Intractable […]

Heb. `eglah, (Deut. 21:4, 6; Jer. 46:20). Untrained to the yoke (Hos. 10:11); giving milk (Isa. 7:21); ploughing (Judg. 14:18); treading out grain (Jer. 50:11); unsubdued to the yoke an emblem of Judah (Isa. 15:5; Jer. 48:34). Heb. parah (Gen. 41:2; Num. 19:2). Bearing the yoke (Hos. 4:16); “heifers of Bashan” (Amos 4:1), metaphorical for […]