(salvation). + The nineteenth, last and best king of Israel. He succeeded Pekah, whom he slew in a successful conspiracy, thereby fulfilling a prophecy of Isaiah. (Isaiah 7:16) In the third year of his reign (B.C. 726) Shalmaneser cruelly stormed the strong caves of Beth-arbel, (Hosea 8:14) and made cruel tributary, (2 Kings 17:3) for […]

-1. Also called OSHEA .The original name of Joshua Nu 13:8,16; De 32:44 -2. A chief of Ephraim 1Ch 27:20 -3. King of Israel .Assassinates Pekah and usurps the throne 2Ki 15:30 .The evil reign of 2Ki 17:1,2 .Becomes subject to Assyria 2Ki 17:3 .Conspires against Assyria and is imprisoned 2Ki 17:4 .Last king of […]

Salvation. (1.) The original name of the son of Nun, afterwards called Joshua (Num. 13:8, 16; Deut. 32:44). (2.) 1 Chr. 27:20. The ruler of Ephraim in David’s time. (3.) The last king of Israel. He conspired against and slew his predecessor, Pekah (Isa. 7:16), but did not ascend the throne till after an interregnum […]