Dr. Knapp given as the definition of inspiration, “an extra-ordinary divine agency upon teachers while giving instruction, whether oral or written, by which they were taught what and how they should write or speak.” Without deciding on any of the various theories of inspiration, the general doctrine of Christians is that the Bible is so […]

-General scriptures concerning Ex 19:6; 25:21,22; Nu 11:16-29; Lu 12:11,12; 2Ti 3:16; Re 1:10,11 -See [2261]PROPHECY -See [2262]PROPHET -See [2263]REVELATION -See [2264]WORD OF GOD, INSPIRATION OF

That extraordinary or supernatural divine influence vouchsafed to those who wrote the Holy Scriptures, rendering their writings infallible. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” (R.V., “Every scripture inspired of God”), 2 Tim. 3:16. This is true of all the “sacred writings,” not in the sense of their being works of genius or of […]