his moon; his month; his sweet smell

(place of fragrance), a city of high antiquity, situated in a plain traversed by the Jordan, and exactly over against where that river was crossed by the Israelites under Joshua. (Joshua 3:16) It was five miles west of the Jordan and seven miles northwest of the Dead Sea. It had a king. Its walls were […]

-1. A city east of Jerusalem and near the Jordan River Nu 22:1; 26:3; De 34:1 .Called THE CITY OF PALM TREES De 34:3 .Location of, pleasant 2Ki 2:19 .Rahab the harlot lived in Jos 2; Heb 11:31 .Joshua sees the “captain of the host” of the Lord near Jos 5:13-15 .Besieged by Joshua for […]

Place of fragrance, a fenced city in the midst of a vast grove of palm trees, in the plain of Jordan, over against the place where that river was crossed by the Israelites (Josh. 3:16). Its site was near the `Ain es-Sultan, Elisha’s Fountain (2 Kings 2:19-22), about 5 miles west of Jordan. It was […]