gift; oblation; one who is

(wealthy), the father of David, was the son of Obed, who again was the fruit of the union of Boaz and the Moabitess Ruth. His great-grandmother was Rahab the Canaanite, of Jericho. (Matthew 1:5) Jesse’s genealogy is twice given in full in the Old Testament, viz., (Ruth 4:18-22) and 1Chr 2:5-12 He is commonly designated […]

-Father of David Ru 4:17; 1Sa 17:12 -Ancestor of Jesus Mt 1:5,6 -Samuel visits, under divine command, to select a successor to Saul from his sons 1Sa 16:1-13 -Saul asks, to send David to become a member of his court 1Sa 16:19-23 -Sons in Saul’s army 1Sa 17:13-28 -Lives with David in Moab 1Sa 22:3,4 […]

Firm, or a gift, a son of Obed, the son of Boaz and Ruth (Ruth 4:17, 22; Matt. 1:5, 6; Luke 3:32). He was the father of eight sons, the youngest of whom was David (1 Sam. 17:12). The phrase “stem of Jesse” is used for the family of David (Isa. 11:1), and “root of […]