increase; addition

(increase). + The elder of the two sons of Jacob by Rachel. He was born in Padan-aram (Mesopotamia), probably about B.C. 1746. He is first mentioned when a youth, seventeen years old. Joseph brought the evil report of his brethren to his father, and they hated him because his father loved him more than he […]

-1. Son of Jacob Ge 30:24 .Personal appearance of Ge 39:6 .His father’s favorite child Ge 33:2; 37:3,4,35; 48:22; 1Ch 5:2; Joh 4:5 .His father’s partiality for, excites the jealousy of his brethren Ge 37:4,11,18-28; Ps 105:17; Ac 7:9 .His prophetic dreams of his fortunes in Egypt Ge 37:5-11 .Sold as a slave into Egypt […]

Remover or increaser. (1.) The elder of the two sons of Jacob by Rachel (Gen. 30:23, 24), who, on the occasion of his birth, said, “God hath taken away [Heb. `asaph] my reproach.” “The Lord shall add [Heb. yoseph] to me another son” (Gen. 30:24). He was a child of probably six years of age […]