the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord

(whom Jehovah heals). + The son of Amon and Jedidah, succeeded his father B.C. 641, in the eighty years of his age, and reigned 31 years. His history is contained in (2 Kings 22:1; 2 Kings 24:30; 2 Chronicles 34:1; 2 Chronicles 35:1) … and the first twelve chapters of Jeremiah throw much light upon […]

-1. King of Judah 2Ki 21:24-26; 22:1; 1Ch 3:14; 2Ch 33:25 .Ancestor of Jesus Mt 1:10,11 .Killed in battle with Pharaoh-necho 2Ki 23:29,30; 2Ch 35:20-24 .Lamentations for 2Ch 35:25 .Piety of: exemplified in his repairing of the temple 2Ki 22:3-7; 2Ch 34:1-4 .Solicitude when the copy of the law was discovered and read to him […]

Healed by Jehovah, or Jehovah will support. The son of Amon, and his successor on the throne of Judah (2 Kings 22:1; 2 Chr. 34:1). His history is contained in 2 Kings 22, 23. He stands foremost among all the kings of the line of David for unswerving loyalty to Jehovah (23:25). He “did that […]