baldness; ice; frost

(baldness). + Third son of Esau by Aholibamah. (Genesis 36:5,14,18; 1 Chronicles 1:35) He was born in Canaan before Esau migrated to Mount Seir, (Genesis 36:5-9) and was one of the “dukes” of Edom. (B.C. 1790.) + Another Edomitish “duke” of this name, sprung from Eliphaz, Esau’s son of Adah. (Genesis 36:16) + One of […]

-(Also spelled CORE and KORE in A. V.) -1. A son of Esau Ge 36:5,14,18 -2. A Korhite Levite Ex 6:18,21,24 .Jealous of Moses, leads two-hundred and fifty princes in an insurrection, and is swallowed up in the earth Nu 16; 26:9,10; De 11:6; Ps 106:17; Jude 1:11 -3. Son of Hebron 1Ch 2:43 -4. […]

Ice, hail. (1.) The third son of Esau, by Aholibamah (Gen. 36:14; 1 Chr. 1:35). (2.) A Levite, the son of Izhar, the brother of Amram, the father of Moses and Aaron (Ex. 6:21). The institution of the Aaronic priesthood and the Levitical service at Sinai was a great religious revolution. The old priesthood of […]