luminous; white

(light-giving), or Lu’cas, is an abbreviated form of Lucanus. It is not to be confounded with Lucius, (Acts 13:1; Romans 16:21) which belongs to a different person. The name Luke occurs three times in the New Testament– (Colossians 4:14; 2 Timothy 4:11); Phle 1:24–And probably in all three the third evangelist is the person spoken […]

The third Gospel is ascribed, by the general consent of ancient Christendom, to “the beloved physician,” Luke, the friend and companion of the apostle Paul. + Date of the Gospel of Luke .–From (Acts 1:1) it is clear that the Gospel described “the former treatise” was written before the Acts of the Apostles; but how […]

-(A disciple) -A physician Col 4:14 -Wrote to Theophilus Lu 1:1-4; Ac 1:1,2 -Accompanies Paul in his tour of Asia and Macedonia Ac 16:10-13; 20:5,6 -To Jerusalem Ac 21:1-18 -To Rome Ac 27; 28; 2Ti 4:11; Phm 1:24

The evangelist, was a Gentile. The date and circumstances of his conversion are unknown. According to his own statement (Luke 1:2), he was not an “eye-witness and minister of the word from the beginning.” It is probable that he was a physician in Troas, and was there converted by Paul, to whom he attached himself. […]

Was written by Luke. He does not claim to have been an eye-witness of our Lord’s ministry, but to have gone to the best sources of information within his reach, and to have written an orderly narrative of the facts (Luke 1:1-4). The authors of the first three Gospels, the synoptics, wrote independently of each […]