tents; two fields; two armies

a town on the east of the Jordan. The name signifies two hosts or two camps,and was given to it by Jacob, because he there met “the angels of God.” (Genesis 32:1,2) We next meet with it in the records of the conquest. (Joshua 13:26,30) It was within the territory of Gad, (Joshua 21:38,39) and […]

-The place where Jacob had the vision of angels Ge 32:2 -The town of, allotted to Gad Jos 13:26,30 -One of the Levitical cities Jos 21:38 -Ish-bosheth establishes himself at, when made king over Israel 2Sa 2:8-12 -David lodges at, at the time of Absalom’s rebellion 2Sa 17:27-29; 1Ki 2:8

Two camps, a place near the Jabbok, beyond Jordan, where Jacob was met by the “angels of God,” and where he divided his retinue into “two hosts” on his return from Padan-aram (Gen. 32:2). This name was afterwards given to the town which was built at that place. It was the southern boundary of Bashan […]