rebellious; bitter; set with trees

(strength, fatness) an ancient Amorite, who with his brothers, Eshcol and Aner, was in alliance with Abram, (Genesis 14:13,51) and under the shade of whose oak grove the patriarch dwelt in the interval between his residence at Bethel and at Beersheba. ch. (Genesis 13:18; 18:1) In the subsequent chapters Mamre is a mere local appellation. […]

-1. A plain near Hebron .Abraham resides in Ge 13:18; 14:13 .Entertains three angels, and is promised a son Ge 18:1-15 .Isaac lives in Ge 35:27 -2. An Amorite and confederate of Abraham Ge 14:13,24

Manliness. (1.) An Amoritish chief in alliance with Abraham (Gen. 14:13, 24). (2.) The name of the place in the neighbourhood of Hebron (q.v.) where Abraham dwelt (Gen. 23:17, 19; 35:27); called also in Authorized Version (13:18) the “plain of Mamre,” but in Revised Version more correctly “the oaks [marg., `terebinths’] of Mamre.” The name […]