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(place of crowns) was in a very marked position on the southern rim of the plain of Esdraelon, on the frontier line of the territories of the tribes of Issachar and Manasseh, 6 miles from Mount Carmel and 11 from Nazareth. It commanded one of those passes from the north into the hill country which […]

-Also called MEGIDDON, and probably ARMAGEDDON -A city in the territory of Issachar situated on the southern edge of the plain of Esdraelon Jos 17:11; 1Ch 7:29 -Conquest of, by Joshua Jos 12:21 -Walled by Solomon 1Ki 9:15 -Included in one or Solomon’s commissary districts 1Ki 4:12 -Ahaziah dies at 2Ki 9:27 -Valley of, Deborah […]

Place of troops, originally one of the royal cities of the Canaanites (Josh. 12:21), belonged to the tribe of Manasseh (Judg. 1:27), but does not seem to have been fully occupied by the Israelites till the time of Solomon (1 Kings 4:12; 9:15). The valley or plain of Megiddo was part of the plain of […]