contrition; bitter; bruising

(little man, or worshipper or Mars), the deliverer, under divine Providence, of the Jews from the destruction plotted against them by Haman the chief minister of Xerxes; the institutor of the feast of Purim. The incidents of his history are too well known to need to be dwelt upon. [[884]Esther, Book Of] Three things are […]

-A Jewish captive in Persia Es 2:5,6 -Foster father of Esther Es 2:7 -Informs Ahasuerus of a conspiracy against his life and is rewarded Es 2:21-23; 6:1-11 -Promoted in Haman’s place Es 8:1,2,15; 10:1-3 -Intercedes with Ahasuerus for the Jews; establishes the festival of Purim in commemoration of their deliverance Es 8; 9

The son of Jair, of the tribe of Benjamin. It has been alleged that he was carried into captivity with Jeconiah, and hence that he must have been at least one hundred and twenty-nine years old in the twelfth year of Ahasuerus (Xerxes). But the words of Esther do not necessarily lead to this conclusion. […]