bitterness of the Lord

(chosen by Jehovah). + The land of Moriah–On “one of the mountains” in this district took place the sacrifice of Isaac. (Genesis 22:2) Its position is doubtful, some thinking it to be Mount MOriah, others that Moreh, near Shechem, is meant. [See [885]Mount, [886]Mount, Mountain MORIAH] + Mount Moriah .–The elevation on which Solomon built […]

-The land of Ge 22:2; 2Ch 3:1

The chosen of Jehovah. Some contend that Mount Gerizim is meant, but most probably we are to regard this as one of the hills of Jerusalem. Here Solomon’s temple was built, on the spot that had been the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite (2 Sam. 24:24, 25; 2 Chr. 3:1). It is usually included in […]