This substance is mentioned in (Exodus 30:23) as one of the ingredients of the “oil of holy ointment:” in (Esther 2:12) as one of the substances used in the purification of women; in (Psalms 45:8; Proverbs 7:17) and in several passages in Canticles, as a perfume. The Greek occurs in (Matthew 2:11) among the gifts […]

-(A fragrant gum) -A product of the land of Canaan So 4:6,14; 5:1 -One of the compounds in the sacred anointing oil Ex 30:23 -Used as a perfume Es 2:12; Ps 45:8; Pr 7:17; So 3:6; 5:13 -Brought by the wise men (Magi) as a present to Jesus Mt 2:11 -Offered to Jesus on the […]

Heb. mor. (1.) First mentioned as a principal ingredient in the holy anointing oil (Ex. 30:23). It formed part of the gifts brought by the wise men from the east, who came to worship the infant Jesus (Matt. 2:11). It was used in embalming (John 19:39), also as a perfume (Esther 2:12; Ps. 45:8; Prov. […]