given; giving; rewarded

(a giver). + An eminent Hebrew prophet in the reigns of David and Solomon. (B.C. 1015.) He first appears in the consultation with David about the building of the temple. (2 Samuel 7:2,3,17) He next comes forward as the reprover of David for the sin with Bathsheba; and his famous apologue on the rich man […]

-1. Son of David and Bath-sheba 2Sa 5:14; 1Ch 3:5; 14:4 -2. A prophet in the time of David .His message to David concerning the building of a temple 2Sa 7:1-17; 1Ch 17:1-15 .Reproves David for his adultery with Bath-sheba and his murder of Uriah 2Sa 12:1-15 .Gives Solomon the name Jedidiah 2Sa 12:25 .Assists […]

Given. (1.) A prophet in the reigns of David and Solomon (2 Chr. 9:29). He is first spoken of in connection with the arrangements David made for the building of the temple (2 Sam. 7:2, 3, 17), and next appears as the reprover of David on account of his sin with Bathsheba (12:1-14). He was […]