that speaks or prophesies

+ A town of Reuben on the east side of Jordan. (Numbers 32:3,38) In the remarkable prophecy adopted by Isaiah, (Isaiah 15:2) and Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 48:1,26) concerning Moab, Nebo is mentioned in the same connection as before, but in the hands of Moab. Eusebius and Jerome identify it with Nobah or Kerrath, and place it […]

-1. A city allotted to the tribe of Reuben Nu 32:3,38; 1Ch 5:8 .Prophecies concerning Isa 15:2; Jer 48:1,22 -2. A mountain range east of the Jordan; Moses views Canaan from De 32:49,50 .Dies on De 34:1 -3. A city in territory of the tribe of Judah Ezr 2:29; Ne 7:33 -4. The ancestor of […]

Proclaimer; prophet. (1.) A Chaldean god whose worship was introduced into Assyria by Pul (Isa. 46:1; Jer. 48:1). To this idol was dedicated the great temple whose ruins are still seen at Birs Nimrud. A statue of Nebo found at Calah, where it was set up by Pul, king of Assyria, is now in the […]