consolation; repentance of the Lord

(consolation of the Lord). + Son of Hachaliah, and apparently of the tribe of Judah. All that we know certainly concerning him is contained in the book which bears his name. We first find him at Shushan, the winter residence of the kings of Persia, in high office as the cupbearer of King Artaxerxes Longimanus. […]

like the preceding one of Ezra, is clearly and certainly not all by the same hand. [[905]Ezra, Book Of, BOOK OF] By far the most important portion, indeed is the work of Nehemiah but other portions are either extracts from various chronicles and registers or supplementary narratives and reflections, some apparently by Ezra, others, perhaps […]

-1. Son of Hachaliah Ne 1:1 .The cupbearer of Artaxerxes, a very trusted position Ne 1:11; 2:1 .Is grieved over the desolation of his country Ne 1 .Is sent by the king to rebuild Jerusalem Ne 2:1-8 .Register of the people whom he led from Babylon Ne 7 .Register of the priests and Levites Ne […]

Comforted by Jehovah. (1.) Ezra 2:2; Neh. 7:7. (2.) Neh. 3:16. (3.) The son of Hachaliah (Neh. 1:1), and probably of the tribe of Judah. His family must have belonged to Jerusalem (Neh. 2:3). He was one of the “Jews of the dispersion,” and in his youth was appointed to the important office of royal […]

The author of this book was no doubt Nehemiah himself. There are portions of the book written in the first person (ch. 1-7; 12:27-47, and 13). But there are also portions of it in which Nehemiah is spoken of in the third person (ch. 8; 9; 10). It is supposed that these portions may have […]