repose; consolation

that quavers or totters (Zelophehad’s daughter)

(motion), one of the five daughters of Zelophehad. (Numbers 26:33; 27:1; 36:11; Joshua 17:3) (B.C. 1450.) (rest), the tenth in descent from Adam, in the line of Seth was the son of Lamech and grandson of Methuselah. (B.C. 2948-1998.) We hear nothing of Noah till he is 500 years old when It is said he […]

-1. Son of Lamech Ge 5:28,29 .Builds an ark (ship) and saves his family from the great flood Ge 6:14-22; 7; 8; Mt 24:38; Lu 17:27; Heb 11:7; 1Pe 3:20 .Builds an altar and offers sacrifices Ge 8:20,21 .Receives the covenant from God that no flood would ever again visit the earth; the rainbow instituted […]

Rest, (Heb. Noah) the grandson of Methuselah (Gen. 5:25-29), who was for two hundred and fifty years contemporary with Adam, and the son of Lamech, who was about fifty years old at the time of Adam’s death. This patriarch is rightly regarded as the connecting link between the old and the new world. He is […]