bold aspect; face of trust or protection

(mouth of brass). + Son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron. (Exodus 6:25) He is memorable for having while quite a youth, by his zeal and energy at the critical moment of the licentious idolatry of Shittim, appeased the divine wrath, and put a stop to the plague which was destroying the nation. (Numbers 25:7) […]

-High priest Ex 6:25; 1Ch 6:4,50 -Religious zeal of, in killing the Israelitish woman who had committed abomination Nu 25:7-15; Ps 106:30 -Chief of the Korahite Levites 1Ch 9:19,20 -Sent to sound the trumpets in the battle with the Midianites Nu 31:6 -Sent, with other princes of the Israelites west of the Jordan River to […]

Mouth of brass, or from old Egypt, the negro. (1.) Son of Eleazar, the high priest (Ex. 6:25). While yet a youth he distinguished himself at Shittim by his zeal against the immorality into which the Moabites had tempted the people (Num. 25:1-9), and thus “stayed the plague” that had broken out among the people, […]