great; powerful; contentious

(great). + A very strong place on the east of the Jordan, and the chief city of the Ammonites. In five passages– (3:11; 2 Samuel 12:26; 17:27; Jeremiah 49:2; Ezekiel 21:20)–it is styled at length Rabbath of the Ammonites, or the children of Ammon; but elsewhere, (Joshua 13:25; 2 Samuel 11:1; 12:27,29; 1 Chronicles 20:1; […]

-1. Also called RABBATH .A city east of the Jordan River, originally belonging to the Ammonites Jos 13:25 .Bedstead of the giant named Og, kept at De 3:11 .Captured by David 2Sa 11:1; 12:26-31; 1Ch 20:1-3 .Possessed again by the Ammonites; prophesied against Jer 49:2,3; Eze 21:20; 25:5; Am 1:14 -2. A city in the […]

Or Rab’bath, great. (1.) “Rabbath of the children of Ammon,” the chief city of the Ammonites, among the eastern hills, some 20 miles east of the Jordan, on the southern of the two streams which united with the Jabbok. Here the bedstead of Og was preserved (Deut. 3:11), perhaps as a trophy of some victory […]