who sets the people at liberty

(enlarger of the people), son of Solomon by the Ammonite princess Naamah, (1 Kings 14:21,31) and his successor. (1 Kings 11:43) Rehoboam selected Shechem as the place of his coronation (B.C. 975), probably as an act of concession to the Ephraimites. The people demanded a remission of the severe burdens imposed by Solomon, and Rehoboam, […]

-Successor to Solomon as king 1Ki 11:43; 2Ch 9:31 -Refuses to reform abuses 1Ki 12:1-15; 2Ch 10:1-15 -Ten tribes, under the leadership of Jeroboam, successfully revolt from 1Ki 12:16-24; 2Ch 10:16-19; 11:1-4 -Builds fortified cities; is temporarily prosperous 2Ch 11:5-23 -Invaded by the king of Egypt and plundered 1Ki 14:25-28; 2Ch 12:1-12 -Death of 1Ki […]

He enlarges the people, the successor of Solomon on the throne, and apparently his only son. He was the son of Naamah “the Ammonitess,” some well-known Ammonitish princess (1 Kings 14:21; 2 Chr. 12:13). He was forty-one years old when he ascended the throne, and he reigned seventeen years (B.C. 975-958). Although he was acknowledged […]