who sees the son; the vision of the son

(behold a son), Jacob’s firstborn Child, (Genesis 29:32) the son of Leah. (B.C. 1753.) The notices of the patriarch Reuben give, on the whole a favorable view of his disposition. To him and him alone the preservation of Joseph’s life appears to have been due and afterward he becomes responsible for his safety. (Genesis 37:18-30; […]

-Son of Jacob Ge 29:32; 1Ch 2:1 -Brings mandrakes (an aphrodisiac) to his mother Ge 30:14 -Commits incest with one of his father’ s concubines, and, in consequence, forfeits his birthright Ge 35:22; 49:4; 1Ch 5:1 -Adroitly seeks to save Joseph from the conspiracy of his brothers Ge 37:21-30; 42:22 -Jacob’ s prophetic benediction upon […]

Behold a son!, the eldest son of Jacob and Leah (Gen. 29:32). His sinful conduct, referred to in Gen. 35:22, brought down upon him his dying father’s malediction (48:4). He showed kindness to Joseph, and was the means of saving his life when his other brothers would have put him to death (37:21, 22). It […]

At the Exodus numbered 46,500 male adults, from twenty years old and upwards (Num. 1:20, 21), and at the close of the wilderness wanderings they numbered only 43,730 (26:7). This tribe united with that of Gad in asking permission to settle in the “land of Gilead,” “on the other side of Jordan” (32:1-5). The lot […]