(shabbath), “a day of rest,” from shabath “to cease to do to,” “to rest”). The name is applied to divers great festivals, but principally and usually to the seventh day of the week, the strict observance of which is enforced not merely in the general Mosaic code, but in the Decalogue itself. The consecration of […]

-Signifying a period of rest Ge 2:2,3; Le 23; 25; 26:34,35 -Preparations for the Ex 16:22; Mt 27:62; Mr 15:42; Lu 23:54; Joh 19:31 -Religious usages on the Ge 2:3; Mr 6:2; Lu 4:16,31; 6:6; 13:10; Ac 13:14 -Sacrifices on the Nu 28:9,10; Eze 46:4,5 -UNCLASSIFIED SCRIPTURES RELATING TO Ge 2:2,3; Ex 16:5,23-30; 20:8-11; 23:12; […]

(Heb. verb shabbath, meaning “to rest from labour”), the day of rest. It is first mentioned as having been instituted in Paradise, when man was in innocence (Gen. 2:2). “The sabbath was made for man,” as a day of rest and refreshment for the body and of blessing to the soul. It is next referred […]