heard of God; asked of God

was the son of Elkanah and Hannah, and was born at Ramathaim-zophim, among the hills of Ephraim. [[1040]Ramah No. 2] (B.C. 1171.) Before his birth he was dedicated by his mother to the office of a Nazarite and when a young child, 12 years old according to Josephus he was placed in the temple, and […]

are not separated from each other in the Hebrew MSS., and, from a critical point of view, must be regarded as one book. The present, division was first made in the Septuagint translation, and was adopted in the Vulgate from the Septuagint. The book was called by the Hebrews: “Samuel,” probably because the birth and […]

-Miraculous birth of 1Sa 1:7-20 -Consecrated to God before his birth 1Sa 1:11,22,24-28 -His mother’ s song of thanksgiving 1Sa 2:1-10 -Ministered in the house of God 1Sa 2:11,18,19 -Blessed of God 1Sa 2:21; 3:19 -His vision concerning the house of Eli 1Sa 3:1-18 -A prophet of the Israelites 1Sa 3:20,21; 4:1 -A judge (leader) […]

Heard of God. The peculiar circumstances connected with his birth are recorded in 1 Sam. 1:20. Hannah, one of the two wives of Elkanah, who came up to Shiloh to worship before the Lord, earnestly prayed to God that she might become the mother of a son. Her prayer was graciously granted; and after the […]

The LXX. translators regarded the books of Samuel and of Kings as forming one continuous history, which they divided into four books, which they called “Books of the Kingdom.” The Vulgate version followed this division, but styled them “Books of the Kings.” These books of Samuel they accordingly called the “First” and “Second” Books of […]