bramble of destruction

(sin, the moon, increases brothers), was the son and successor of Sargon. [[1066]Sargon] His name in the original is read as Tsinakki-irib, the meaning of which, as given above indicates that he was not the first-born of his father. Sennacherib mounted the throne B.C. 702. His efforts were directed to crushing the revolt of Babylonia, […]

-(King of Assyria) -Invades Judah; lays siege to Jerusalem, but abandons the country and returns to Assyria 2Ki 18:17-37; 19:8; 2Ch 32:1-23; Isa 36; 37 -Death of 2Ki 19:35-37; Isa 37:36-38

Sin (the god) sends many brothers, son of Sargon, whom he succeeded on the throne of Assyria (B.C. 705), in the 23rd year of Hezekiah. “Like the Persian Xerxes, he was weak and vainglorious, cowardly under reverse, and cruel and boastful in success.” He first set himself to break up the powerful combination of princes […]