peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses

(peaceful). I. Early life and occasion to the throne .–Solomon was the child of David’s old age, the last born of all his sons. (1 Chronicles 3:5) The yearnings of the “man of war” led him to give to the new-horn infant the name of Solomon (Shelomoth, the peaceful one). Nathan, with a marked reference […]

[[1157]Wisdom, The, Of Solomon, BOOK OF]

-Son of David by Bath-sheba 2Sa 12:24; 1Ki 1:13,17,21 -Named Jedidiah, by Nathan the prophet 2Sa 12:24,25 -An ancestor of Joseph Mt 1:6 -Succeeds David to the throne of Israel 1Ki 1:11-48; 2:12; 1Ch 23:1; 28; Ec 1:12 -Anointed king a second time 1Ch 29:22 -His prayer for wisdom, and his vision 1Ki 3:5-14; 2Ch […]

Peaceful, (Heb. Shelomoh), David’s second son by Bathsheba, i.e., the first after their legal marriage (2 Sam. 12). He was probably born about B.C. 1035 (1 Chr. 22:5; 29:1). He succeeded his father on the throne in early manhood, probably about sixteen or eighteen years of age. Nathan, to whom his education was intrusted, called […]

Called also, after the Vulgate, the “Canticles.” It is the “song of songs” (1:1), as being the finest and most precious of its kind; the noblest song, “das Hohelied,” as Luther calls it. The Solomonic authorship of this book has been called in question, but evidences, both internal and external, fairly establish the traditional view […]