(accur. [461]Eder, a flock), a place named only in (Genesis 35:21) According to Jerome it was one thousand paces from Bethlehem.

Mentioned only Luke 13:4. The place here spoken of is the village now called Silwan, or Kefr Silwan, on the east of the valley of Kidron, and to the north-east of the pool. It stands on the west slope of the Mount of Olives. As illustrative of the movement of small bands of Canaanites from […]

One of the turrets which guarded the entrance to the city (2 Kings 9:17).

The name given to the tower which the primitive fathers of our race built in the land of Shinar after the Deluge (Gen. 11:1-9). Their object in building this tower was probably that it might be seen as a rallying-point in the extensive plain of Shinar, to which they had emigrated from the uplands of […]