Tyrus, strength; rock; sharp

(a rock), a celebrated commercial city of Phoenicia, on the coast of the Mediterranean. Its Hebrew name, Tzor, signifies a rock; which well agrees with the site of Sur, the modern town, on a rocky peninsula, formerly an island. There is no doubt that, previous to the siege of the city by Alexander the Great, […]

-1. Kingdom of .Hiram, king of 1Ki 5:1; 2Ch 2:3 .Sends material to David for his palace 2Ch 2:3 .Men and materials sent from, to Solomon, for the erection of the temple and his castles 1Ki 5:1-11; 9:10,11; 2Ch 2:3-16 .See [4078]HIRAM -2. City of .Situated on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea .On the […]

A rock, now es-Sur; an ancient Phoenician city, about 23 miles, in a direct line, north of Acre, and 20 south of Sidon. Sidon was the oldest Phoenician city, but Tyre had a longer and more illustrious history. The commerce of the whole world was gathered into the warehouses of Tyre. “Tyrian merchants were the […]